Harpenden Letters

Little details we love about Harpenden, and see every day.  Bring them into your home with this photographic collection.

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H – This is part of a tudor-style building housing the Manor Pharmacy in Southdown – I’m still researching this property to see if it is a genuine timber-frame building of historical interest.  I know there are a few about.

A – The board outside a lovely place to browse, Harpenden Books, owned by Waterstones.  Lots of treasures inside this shop, well worth a visit.

R – According to my children, this ‘r’ isn’t very clear.  But I particularly wanted to include Thorns as it has such a special place in the hearts of the locals.  You just need to sit under the oak tree and observe the entrance to see the comfort this little shop brings to children and adults alike.  It is also the oldest shop in the high street, 1918, and stepping inside is taking a journey back in time.

P – Rothamsted Park is another place we all know and love.  My son has always tried to climb on these posts, as long as I can remember.

E – A detail photographed from the gate of 25 Chaucers, a beautiful home next to the park, featuring latticed windows.  This home might be of historical interest too – I’ll see if I can find out.

N – On the corner of Station Road and the High Street, the Harpenden Arms has been recently restored.  I love the shape of the windows.

D – Walk to the top of the avenue of trees and you are greeted with stunning vistas of countryside and fields forming part of the Rothamsted Estate.  This wagonwheel was observed in some derelict farm buildings along the beautiful public footpaths and bridleways crisscrossing this stunning part of our town.

E – The little green oasis opposite our favourite chippy Godfrey’s features this gift from the townfolk to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012.

N – The Harpenden Sports Centre and swimming pool can’t be missed and these attractive bars hold bikes and scooters while we use the facilities for exercise and entertainment.  I love the family picnicking in the distance.  I always get a great sense of satisfaction seeing people enjoy this space.

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