Harpenden Reds goes live


Red heads rock

Just Wow!  What a fabulous weekend I had, surrounded by feisty, funny, gentle, charming red heads from all over Harpenden.  Men, women, and lots of children – even one dog volunteered!  My latest project, Harpenden Reds, has started with a bang.  I took head shots of 25 volunteers, against a variety of coloured backdrops.

I’ve always been drawn to photographing red-haired people.  I love the spicy colouring, daring freckles and remarkable eye colour combinations.  There is no doubt they are special, less than 2% of the world’s population feature flaming locks.

I’m attracted to the mythical side of redheads too… their purported sense of adventure, spunky independence and fiery temperaments – the romance of it all inspires my creativity to new heights.  In fact, pennybird and camera has gone off piste on this project.

For me, it’s all about colour, light and craziness.  It’s about capturing character and fire.

I need three more red heads to complete the project – please get in touch if you can help on 07903 188611.

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