Studio Pawtrait weekend raises £180 for Dogs Trust


This weekend, my traumatised cat Impi was faced with a parade of 28 dogs through my home studio:  every conceivable shape, size, colour, breed and temperament.  (Some dogs chased him and some dogs ran away!)  What a fantastic weekend and how heartwarming to know that there are so many dog lovers in Harpenden who are happy to pose their pooches and raise money for the Harpenden Dogs Trust at the same time.

Respect to the amazing owners who came along too.  It is not easy to make your dog ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ on a bright blue canvas (why?) in front of a light source while a wacky lady hiding behind a long camera lens sits on the floor making bird noises and then suddenly blasts you with a bright light.  And, if you manage to control the urge to run like crazy, you get a treat!  How weird is that?  Some of the doggies strutted their stuff as if on the catwalk, while others kept running around and jumping on the sofa for safety.  It was bedlam at times, but I had lots of laughs and learned loads about listening to dogs – they really do talk you know!

My hand painted canvas survived the steady stream of pawprints and set off the dogs colouring beautifully.  I am really happy with the photographs and so pleased to be able to mark National Pets Month and offer my services to help manager of the Harpenden Dogs Trust charity shop Sharon Hurford restore her shop to it’s former glory – which will hopefully be achieved before the end of the year.

Missed the studio shoot?  On the weekend of 12 and 13 May, I’ll be doing outdoor pawtrait sessions at Batford Springs.  If you would like to book your dog a 10-minute session for a £10 donation to Harpenden Dogs Trust, you will receive one digital image of your choice (extra’s are £10 each).  Click here to book your slot now.  A fantastic offer, not to be missed!

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