Wagging tails, wet noses, soulful eyes and love…

IMG_0193-Edit-2Because our dogs are our best friends…

Yesterday, Sharon Hurford (manager of the Harpenden Dogs Trust) and I, sat down to do the job we’ve both been dreading for weeks:  choosing 8 dogs for the Harpenden Dogs photographic project!

We received an incredible 85 entries – thank you so much to those who volunteered their gorgeous pets – and we had to go through all the “pick me” applications to end up with 2 large dogs, 3 medium dogs and 3 small dogs…

After well over two hours, copious cups of tea, and burying our heads in our hands numerous times, we chose a variety of colourings, short/long hair, breeds and character.  It’s genuinely not a task for the fainthearted – we thought ALL the dogs should have been included.

On the bright side, all the applicants will have an opportunity to have their pawtraits taken – either in a studio setting or outdoors – for a donation of £10 to the Harpenden Dogs Trust.  Included is up to 10 minutes with pennybird and camera and one professionally finished high resolution digital image via internet download.  Monies donated will help with the refurbishment of the charity shop in Station Road which suffered a fire earlier this year.  (Please note that extra digitals, if available, will cost £10 each, payable to the photographer).

Book now

Over 100 requests for doggie pawtraits have been requested, so please book your slot early to avoid disappointment.

Click here to book a studio Dog Pawtrait and raise funds for the Harpenden Dogs Trust.  (Sessions will take place on Saturday 28 April and Monday 30 April 2018 at 75 Ox Lane)

Click here to book an outdoor Dog Pawtrait and raise funds for the Harpenden Dogs Trust.  (Sessions will take place on Saturday 12 May and Sunday 13 May 2018 at Batford Springs Nature Reserve)

Many thanks to Sharon Hurford and her colleagues at the Dogs Trust for all their help and support with this project.

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