Are you red-haired and adventurous?

Harpenden Reds goes live

It is with great pleasure that I’m launching my third project this year, Harpenden Reds.  Whether you are young, old, male or female – as long as you have red hair and live in our town, you’re invited to take part.  Click here to enter yourself and/or your children.  The closing date is end April 2018.  I can’t wait to meet the red-haired residents of Harpenden.

Redheads rock

I’ve always had a soft spot for photographing red-haired people.  I love the spicy colouring, daring freckles and unforgettable eyes.  There’s no doubt they are special, less than 2% of the world’s population feature flaming locks.

But, I’ve got to admit to being attracted to the mythical side of redheads too… their purported sense of adventure, spunky independence and fiery temperaments – the romance of it all inspires my creativity to new heights.  In fact, pennybird and camera has gone off piste on this project.

For me, it’s all about colour, light and craziness.  It’s about capturing character and fire.  A big thank you to Annabelle Reed (6.5 years old) who modelled for me – what a great start – with her red hair and blue eyes, she has the rarest colouring combination on earth.



So, what are my Harpenden photographic projects?

Every year I work with our lovely local community (my Facebook group is Harpenden through the lens) to create a photographic project featuring our beautiful surroundings, people and pets, all who make Harpenden such a great place to live.  Previous projects include:  Harpenden DoorsHarpenden Shoes and Harpenden Letters.  In 2017 I started ‘Beauty spots of Harpenden’ but I am still working on this one – it wasn’t possible to complete it in a year!

The three projects for 2018 are:  Celebrating Harpenden Women, Harpenden Dogs and Harpenden Reds.  Thank you to all my wonderful supporters for your help and ideas – without you these projects wouldn’t become reality!


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