Joy is creative rocket fuel for the soul

If you’ve met me, you’ll know that I’m crazy, madly deeply about photography.  Learning this incredible craft will take the rest of my life, and I’m comfortable with that.

So, I’m going to share my latest learning with you:  if you surround yourself with inspirational and uplifting people, and then sit for a while on Mother Nature’s lap, your joy becomes creative rocket fuel.  The fear of failure seems to grey out.

I attended a tribute to my mother Jean Parker in South Africa recently, and it just so happened that the universe brought together these powerful, magic ingredients.  I don’t know where the impulse came from, but I decided I was going to take an idea that had been brewing gently in the back of my mind for years, and make it happen before I came home.

Dances with Waves” is a concept where dancers shape and connect with the sea, the waves, and the wind.  Blended, soul photographs.  I knew for certain that I didn’t want the vista as a backdrop to a dancer, I wanted the dancer to become one with the environment.

Many thanks to Verne Krige from Outline Dance Centre in Somerset West who recruited two talented and accomplished dancers: Christopher Sherwood-Adcock and Jodie Ellenberger; passionate about movement, and remarkably unconcerned that they would have to spend an hour in the water and wind on the beach at first light….  What I didn’t tell them was how difficult it would be to elevate out of knee-high waves, how their feet would sink as the sea sucked the sand from below them, how they would have to run up and down the beach to catch the fingers light creeping over the mountains, and how often they would have to repeat moves.  They did it all with smiles and laughter.  (More proof that the South African spirit is truly indomitable!)

My eternal gratitude to my hugely gifted (retired, now semi-retired) mum, master choreographer, dance teacher, and guiding light, who helped me put my thoughts and ideas into words and movement.  As soon as my mother had reviewed the photographs, she was on the phone to tell me where to improve next time #loveyoumomsy #aimhigher #neverstop

I can’t wait for the next creative shoot…  I’m thinking “Dances with Clouds“….any volunteers out there?  🙂

Thank you from my heart and soul to the special, amazing, inspirational people in my life: you know who you are.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved creating them.


N e w s
P r i c e s