Local businesses collaborate for sparkling success!

On 14 September, Harpenden portrait photographer Penny Bird held a glittering party to launch her new Luxury Portrait Experience for women of all ages.  “The fantastic turnout and success of the event is entirely due to the collaboration of pennybird and camera with four local businesses,” she said.

 “Getting together with complementary trades seemed a logical approach to me.  A professional portrait is a lifetime investment and, to make sure your portrait is extraordinary, you should look your best on the day,” says Penny.

 “I approached Esther Hathorn, Visage Dental Spa; Catherine Batour, Make-up Artist and Beautician; Nina Whitehead, Edits-Styling and Louise Murphy, Captain Tortue, to help me co-ordinate and promote the event.

 “Colour analysis and styling, teeth brightening, makeup, hair and the right clothing – are all essential considerations when preparing for a portrait session.

 “From the outset, everyone was committed to the idea and the enthusiasm was infectious.  Used to working alone, all the input and ideas from the team was inspirational.

Long term benefits

“In addition to becoming better acquainted with a lovely group of businesswomen, I also learned a great deal, such as social media tips from marketing consultant Danielle Jelfs, who works with Visage Dental Spa, and grew my network of contacts.  I am sure this is true for each of the parties involved and I hope we will continue working together.”

Improved social media impact

An interesting learning point was the improved performance of our social media activity; each party cross-promoted relevant posts to their business pages and supported each other throughout the campaign.  This has definitely boosted reach on the various platforms.

The launch event transcended everyone’s expectations, and, by all accounts, the party guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly too. Read more about the Luxury Portrait Experience here.


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